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University clinic

Multiple university clinic

(Center for reconstructive and rehabilitation medicine)

According to the strategy of Ukraine's integration into the European space of reforming higher medical education in the principles of the Bologna process, the first in Ukraine 01.01.2005 university clinic was established as a subsidiary of the Odessa State Medical University (OSMU) - now the Odessa National Medical University (ONMedU).

Status and procedures of the university clinic regulated on clinical base of Odessa National Medical University, approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Medical, educational and scientific activities of the clinic aims to cooperate fully with the authorities of public health.




Together with the Director in managing the clinic involved also other highly qualified specialists:

  • Deputy director of clinical work,DOCTOR OF HIGHEST CATEGORY
  • Slesareva Elena Arkadievna

    Slesareva Elena Arkadievna

  • Deputy Director of Medical, doctor of highest category
  • Vershinin Nikolai Nikolaevich
    Vershinin Nikolai Nikolaevich

Polyclinic department

Polyclinic department of the university clinic is designed for 250 visits per shift.




Department of General Practice and Medical Rehabilitation

Department of General Practice and Medical Rehabilitation established on 15 April 2005. The department is located on the 4th floor of the University Clinic Hospital of Odessa National University of Health at:

65009, Ukraine, Odessa,
Tel/fax: +38048-7465671
WEB: www.genepra.odmu.edu.ua
E-mail: gpodmu@mail.ru

The department is headed by Prof. B. Voloshin - she is the initiator and director of research devoted to current issues of treatment and rehabilitation of patients with cardiovascular pathology. She has published more than 160 published works, among them 2 monographs, 3 certificates for inventions, more than a dozen guidelines, publications abroad. Manages clinical trials medications in compliance with GCP, in the framework of international multicenter randomized placebo-controlled clinical trials.

Under the guidance of Prof. Voloshyna reserved three master's theses.

As part of the department are 4 professors, 4 associate professors, 5 assistant professors, 3 correspondence graduate students, a clinical residents and 4 laboratory. The main directions, activities of the department - students, postgraduate education of physicians, medical work and research.

Educational Activities - undergraduate education - teaching students 4.6 courses, postgraduate education - training of interns and re-specialization of physicians in specialties "General practice - family medicine," "Therapy", "Medical Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy, balneology." The Department also conducted postgraduate training at the pre-cycle (PATS), training courses on topical issues of general practice, internal medicine, medical rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Admission for courses of specialization and PATS phone / fax: [380] (48) 746-56-71.

Practical skills of future family physicians acquire in the training center, equipped with stands, models, modern diagnostic and computer equipment.

Clinical work is carried out by the department at the University clinic - clinic in general practice - family medicine (including family physicians) and the department of restorative medicine, as well as at the sanatorium them. VP Chkalov. The department of restorative medicine Prof. B. Voloshin, Professor IP Shmakov, Professor NV Drahomeretska, Associate Professor A. R. Dukova, assistant VE Mikhailenko and other staff regularly consult not only patients living in Odessa, Odessa region, but also from other regions of Ukraine, Moldova and others.

Record of consultation by phone / fax Chair [+380] (48) 746-56-71, or desk in the University Clinic[+380] (482) 63-36-95. Scientific researches conducted in various areas of clinical medicine with international requirements of GCP.

In the framework of international cooperation department currently operates in Netherlands-Ukrainian project Matra-4 to improve postgraduate training of medical interns in specialty "General practice - family medicine" Odessa, Odessa region, but also from other regions of Ukraine, Moldova and others.

Head of the Department of General Practice and Medical Rehabilitation, Professor, MD

Voloshina O. B.
Voloshina O. B.

The Radiology Department

X-ray room

X-ray room is equipped with modern X-ray equipment, including American-made "General Electric", which allows examination of all organs and systems in full:

  • • Thoracic organs (including preventive - fluorography);
  • Of the gastrointestinal tract (fluoroscopy of esophagus, stomach, small intestine, irrigoscopy);
  • • osteoarticular system (including functional studies of the spine, special study of temporal bones);
  • • Mammary gland - mammography;
  • Radiography of teeth;

The Ultrasound Diagnostics Departmant

The ultrasound diagnostics cabinet uses apparatus «Picus» and «Technos» with a color monitor and three multi-frequency sensors (L, Keane and Endo), the model of 2004 with a quality certificate.

Possibilities of ultrasound on 3 apparatuses:

  • the abdominal cavity,
  • retroperitoneal space,
  • endocavitary study of pelvic and prostate surface structures:
    • of the scrotum;
    • l / nodes (peripheral);Thyroid gland;
    • Soft tissues;
    • Salivary glands.

Ultrasound apparatus Esaote Technos MPX - newest ultrasound multisystem designed for modern ultrasound, regardless of region and depth of scanning (in abdominal region, obstetrical and gynecological, urological, cardiac, superficial organs and intracavitary studies.

The sensors are multi-frequency (in all scanning modes), frequency range from 2.0 to 14 MHz.

It has tissue harmonic mode, the program of panoramic and three-dimensional reconstruction of images. The device can carry out research cycle: from the optimal image in its analysis and archiving.

Functional Diagnostics Department

The functional diagnostics cabinet has modern equipment to assess the cardiovascular system:

  • Electrocardiography;
  • Study of heart rhythm for 10 minutes with the computer analysis (rytmohramm);
  • Daily ECG Holter monitoring (possible analysis of the pacemaker)
  • Exercise testing (treadmill test)
  • ECG Drug test
  • Daily monitoring of blood pressure
  • Combined daily monitoring of ECG and blood pressure

Daily ECG Holter monitoring is a modern method of study of the heart, which allows capturing ischemic changes and arrhythmias of the heart in normal levels of physical and psycho-emotional stress accompanying patients in real life. This research method can be useful for identifying life-threatening rhythm disturbances and coronary heart disease.

Daily monitoring of blood pressure (BP) provides a complete picture of the patient's blood pressure during the day (under normal conditions, without restriction on level of ordinary loads), because the measurements are made every 15-20 minutes during the day and every 30-40 minutes at night. This is a unique opportunity to obtain objective data on such variable factors as blood pressure, which is very important to detect increased pressure and the development of individualized treatment regimens.

Endoscopic study

Research is conducted on the equipment produced by OLYMPUS (Japan, 2005), giving an increase of 10-15 times.

Pictures can be seen not only to the doctor, who conducted the study, but also are displayed on SONY 20 Inch monitor, allowing early diagnosis of precancerous disease of the bronchi and gastrointestinal tract: mucous membrane of esophagus, stomach, duodenum and colon.

Types of studies:

  • Endoscopic study of esophageal, stomach, duodenum, bronchus, colon;
  • ERCP, papillotomy;
  • The taking of cytological and histological material;
  • Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) Quick Test;
  • Endoscopic removal of polyps in the gastrointestinal tract, bronchial foreign bodies, gastrointestinal tract;
  • Endoscopic research in the state of medication sleep;

Neurophysiology Department

Hardware - software package ANHIODIN (2009). Designed for Doppler ultrasound of extra-and intracranial blood vessels.

  • Diagnosis of stenosis and occlusion of main arteries of the head and neck.
  • Diagnosis of lesions of the brain base arteries.
  • Diagnosis of vascular spasm and cerebral arteriovenous malformations.
  • Comprehensive examination of arteries of the head and neck.


Universal ultrasound machine ESAOTE (Technos) is designed for ultrasound examinations in the B and M - mode, color Doppler mapping mode and spectral Doppler.

Diagnosis of diseases of veins of the lower limbs (chronic venous insufficiency, thrombosis, varicose transformation)

Diagnosis of occlusal-stenotic lesions of brahiocefalic arteries and arteries of lower limbs.

D - ECHO encephalography

Complex Sonomed - 315 / M (2009) is for ECHO-encephalographic survey:

  • Diagnosis of Hydrocephalus
  • Diagnosis of intracranial hypertension
  • Diagnosis of displacement of medial brain structures.


Hardware - software package DX - NT Regina (2009) is intended for research of the circulatory system.

The study of hemodynamic of major vascular pools.

Research of degree of the pulse blood filling of vessels of the head.


The hardware-software complex DX-NT 32 V19 is for the study of brain, based on brain electrical potentials and in response to afferent stimulation, with the possibility of daily monitoringу

  • - Detecting localization of the epiactivity centers
  • - Monitoring the effectiveness of antivascular treatment


M-TEST Neuro is intended for research the electrical potential of muscles and peripheral nerves

  • - Diagnosis of lesions of the peripheral nervous system
  • - Determine the reliability of neuromuscular transmission

Head of the Radiology Department, Physician of the Highest Category Rumiantseva Irina Nikolaievna

Rumiantseva Irina Nikolaievna
Rumiantseva Irina Nikolaievna

Laboratory Diagnostics Department

The Laboratory Diagnostics Department carries out all necessary general clinical, hematology and biochemistry tests using modern equipment.

The personnel of the laboratory include laboratory doctors of the highest category, laboratory technicians of first and highest category, who constantly take efforts to increase their qualification.

Hematological and biochemical studies are carried out using automatic analyzers Cobas Micros and Cobas Mira which warrant the highest quality of the tests and allow obtaining quick results.

In 2009 was bought a modern automated analyzer ChemWell, through which the range of the tests has been expanded by the introduction of the researches of hormones and oncomarkers.

In the Laboratory Diagnostics Department can be made:

  • Studies of genetic polymorphisms for cancer diagnosis and predisposition to cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and others.
  • Prenatal and before implantation diagnosis based on comparable genomic hybridization, Microchips
  • Imunoblot for antibodies to the sperm, liver cells, brain and others.
  • Searching the proteomic tumor markers
  • LTSR-diagnostics

In the field of biochemistry tests, our laboratory participates in the international system of quality control Prevical, which includes over 2 thousand laboratories in Ukraine, Russia, and Spain, as evidenced by our certificates.

Since 2009 the laboratory participates in the National quality control for biochemical, hematological and immunochemical methods of research.

On July 18, 2006, our laboratory obtained attestation to provide all kinds of tests: Attestation Certificate No. РО-301/2006, effective until July 18, 2011.

Head of the Laboratory Diagnostics Department, laboratory doctor of the highest category,

Polukarova Liliya Anatolievna.
Polukarova Liliya Anatolievna.

Physiotherapy department

Provides physiotherapy treatment and prevention of hospital patients and outpatients.

Provides Supervision physiotherapy department chief physiotherapist Health of Ukraine, MD, professor of family medicine Shmakova Irina.

It is possible acceptance elektroprotsedur: UHF, short-wave diathermy , SMV, UHF, EHF, magnet, currents galvanization and electrophoresis, SMT (amplipulse) , d'arsonvalization, fluctuarization, ultrasound therapy and phonophoresis, ultraviolet irradiation of the skin and mucous membranes, vacuum therapy.

Procedures are being electrostimulation, cerebral electroanalgesia, laser, red and infrared, EHF-therapy.

Powered inhalers, conducted ultrasonic inhalation. There are four masseurs of the highest category. Most essential feature is the presence of individually exercised computer procedures horizontal stretching, which allows you to selectively affect each spine

In the operating room FTV exercise therapy with minimally sufficient set of simulators, training opportunity individually, the presence of prophylactic Evminova.

All employees are certified in first and highest categories.

Scientific guidance department provides the Department of General Practice and Medical Rehabilitation.

Head of the department of physiotherapy, doctor of highest category

Pletos Vitaliy V.
Pletos Vitaliy V.

The Surgical Department

The Surgical Department is located on the 1st and 2nd floors of in-patient department at the University's clinic building. The department is fitted with the unique surgical instruments and update equipment for endoscopy (Karl Storz), laser, ultrasonic radio-wave devices, equipment for live tissue bonding, powerful microscope for microsurgery and neurosurgery operations. The Department has six modern operation rooms, equipped with devices, instruments and installations necessary for surgical operations of different complexity: surgery lamps and individual lighters, multifunctional surgical tables; high accuracy anesthesia systems, ventilation systems with temperature control and antibacterial filtering; there ia also a possibility of real-time remote viewing of surgical operations’ run from the room to the students’ auditorium.

The main priority of the Department relates to the use of high technological equipment and modern techniques for different surgical treatments: gynecological, purely surgical, urological, traumatic, oncology, neurosurgical, plastic surgery etc.

The following kinds of operations are realised:

  • laparoscopy during choledocholithiasis, esophagus diaphragm hernia, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer;
  • laparoscopy and combined surgical operations during pathologies of the large intestine and intestinum tenue, lien, suprarenal glands, liver cystis, echinococcus;
  • laparoscopic and open-section surgery of hernias with the use of meshed allotransplantants;
  • laparoscopic surgery during ootheca cystis and tumors, metrofibroma, tubular- peritoneal agenesis, endometriosis;
  • hysteroscopy of different pathologies of the endometrium, metra structural anomapies, urgent laparoscopic surgery at appendicitis, perforated ulcer, constrained hernia and other urgent surgical pathologies;
  • laparoscopy and open-section during hydronephrosis, renal, prostate and urocyst tumors, reconstruction surgery at urethra pathologies and uracrasia;
  • neurosurgery operations;
  • trauma operations;
  • plastic operations with allogenous materials and homogenous tissues’ use;
  • radical surgery while oncology treatment as a stage of special-purposed treatment during the following tumors localization: skin, glandula mammaria, thyroid gland, urinary and reproductive systems, gastro-intestinal tract, cerebrospinal nervous system.

The Head of the Department is a Doctor – Surgeon-Oncologist of higher category, Assistant at the ONMedU Oncology with Radiology Diagnostics and Therapy Chair, principal part-time breast physician of the Administration of Health of Odessa City Council, Doctor Zavoloka Oleksandr Vasyliovych.

 Zavoloka Oleksandr Vasyliovych
The Head of the Department, Surgeon-Oncologist of higher category
Zavoloka Oleksandr Vasyliovych

Department of invasive diagnostic methods and treatment

Department of invasive diagnostic methods and treatment (surgical clinic) located on the fourth floor inpatient building of University’s clinic of Odessa National Medical University.

As part of the surgical clinic works 2 lecturers, 1 assistant, 8 doctors, 2 clinical interns, senior nurse, 12 nurses, matron, barmaid, 12 junior nurses.

The department has 50 beds for patients with various surgical and gynecological pathology. Value for gynecological and surgical beds dynamically changes depending on the direct load of department (floating bed).

Most of the clinical work - counseling patients and performing of surgical interventions by leading specialists, professors and lecturers of the Odessa National Medical University S.A.Geshelin, F.I.Gostev, V.V.Grubnik.

The department consulted by therapists-lecturers N.N. Perepelyuk, ass. V.B. Yablonska, head of therapeutic department G.V. Lagutina, head of neurological department, PhD S.I. Dribina, oncologist, lecturer N.V. Tyueva.

Scientific topics to be developed in the department - diagnostic and treatment of patients with oncogynecological pathology, pathology of the cervix, modern technology in the treatment of ventral hernias, adhesive disease and echinococcosis.

In the postoperative period, patients are in comfortable 1-3bed wards with their own bathrooms.

Lukyanchuk Oleg Valerievich
Head of the Department, doctor of higher category
Lukyanchuk Oleg Valerievich


Neurological Department of the University Clinic hospital is 60 beds, with chambers for 1-2-3 person with bath and balcony, including superior chamber with shower, TV, refrigerator and air conditioning, a spacious dining room, manipulation rooms and other ancillary facilities.

Hospital patients provided three hot meals (according to the assigned diet), bedding, round the clock supervision of honey. staff and doctor. Department staff consists of highly qualified doctors (three PhD, doctors 1 and higher medical category.

In the clinic, if necessary, the patient examined by doctors allied professions (physician, cardiologist, surgeon, gynecologist, dermatologist, Otorhinolaryngolgist, optometrist, psychiatrist, etc.)

Every day in the department conducts bypassing MD, Head of the Department of Neurosurgery and Neurology, Professor Son AS In complicated cases, the patient looks concilium involving leading experts all necessary medical specialties.

Thanks to plentiful diagnostic clinic, patients are provided with all necessary examination (including laboratory, and instrumental methods of functional diagnosis), performed by highly qualified specialists.

Patients receive expert help doctors office with daily review and correction purposes.

Prescriptions perform highly skilled nurses and junior medical staff.

Who need physical therapy receive a wide range of necessary procedures, including massage, exercise therapy, as well as ultrasound, electrical, magnetic, and other phototherapy.

Indications for referral to neurological hospital:

  • Treatment of patients with various diseases of the nervous system. Inflammatory diseases of the nervous system (except for acute meningoencephalitis and other diseases that require reanimation of support);
  • extrapyramidal dysfunction and other movement;
  • demyelinating disease of the nervous system, episodic and paroxysmal disorders;
  • nerve damage, nerve root and plexus, polyneuropathy, and other lesions of the peripheral nervous system;
  • neuromuscular diseases of joints and muscles;
  • cerebral palsy and other paralytic syndromes
  • disease of the brain and spinal cord (for isklyucheniemostryh cerebral blood flow (stroke));
  • disorders of the autonomic nervous system;
  • hereditary and neurodegenerative disease.

Survey to clarify the diagnosis.

Survey for further military expertise (in RVK) or examination performance.

Dribina Svetlana Isaakivna
The head of neurological department, doctor of highest category
Dribina Svetlana Isaakivna

Forensic pathology Department

The University Clinics’ Center Forensic Pathology Department has been founded in January 2011.

The Department is fitted with contemporary equipment for high-quality prompt examination of postsurgical biopsy tissues following standard protocols. Timely established correct diagnosis represents a prerequisite for diacrisis, postdiagnostical therapeutic treatment and medical prognosis where applicable to oncology, gynaecology, and reproductive system medication.

The intrasurgical examination (frozen section) allows promptly to respond when surgical operation running, the actual questions of tumor presence and its character, condition of resection edges.

The Department’s lab provides for cytological and cytochemical examinations of the prostatic gland, mammary gland, thyroid gland, skin, cervix uteri tissues (particularly PAP-test).

Contemporary microscopic equipment Leica including the videocamera and output to monitor is widely used for scientific (histological preparations’ registering and documentation) and training purposes (medical doctors and junior physicians-interns online training). When facing difficult cases, the lab joins efforts to telemedicine technologies for consulting the leading specialists of Ukraine and other countries (Russia, Israel). The Department has special classes, where its doctoral staff provides training for medical students in sectional biopsy course.

Results obtained at material examining are archived with statistical and scientific morphology data processing for further use at clinical investigations and scientific researches. The Departmental laboratory provides auxiliary for effecting the morphology studies when the Odessa National Medical University and University Clinics’ staff scientific works and dissertations preparing.

The autopsy section of forensic lab operation allows to establish the final diagnosis (confirming the clinical one either overriding this one) as well as to control and monitor the quality of clinical examination and treatment. The postmortem bodies’ embalming is effected with Hygeco (France) solutions.

The Department staff: Department head – Forensic medicine Doctor, Ph.D.in Medicine, Assistant Professor of the ONMedU Pathomorphology Chair, Doctor Rosha Larisa Grigorievna.
Pathologists Doctors: Ph.D.in Medicine, Assistant Professor of the ONMedU Pathomorphology Chair, Doctor Litvinenko Mairanna Valerievna,,Ph.D.in Medicine, Assistant Professor of the ONMedU Pathomorphology Chair, Doctor Syvokoniuk Oksana Volodymyrivna.
Laboratory assistant: Supreme category laboratory assistant Petrovs’ka Olga Oleksandrivna.
Paramedic assistant: Antonov Oleg Evgenovych
Junior medical attendant: Nikitina Inna Anatolievna.

Doctor Rosha Larisa Grigorievna.
The Department head: Forensic medicine Doctor, Ph.D.in Medicine,
Assistant Professor of the ONMedU Pathomorphology Chair,
Doctor Rosha Larisa Grigorievna.

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Університетська клініка - навчальна база.
Прейскуранти на платні медичні послуги Університетської клініки.

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Спеціалізовані вчені ради.
Положення про Вчену Раду ОНМедУ.
Положення про службу вченого секретаря.
Студентське наукове товариство та Рада молодих вчених.
Корисна інформація для аспірантів
та наукових співробітників.

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Науковий парк.
Рішення вченої ради.
Положення про Комісію по запобіганню антиплагіату.
Майбутні науковці.

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Участь у сумісних із зарубіжними країнами наукових та науково- практичних проектах.
Зустріч у європейському парламенті та подальші міркування, щодо ролі лікарських товариств у розбудові європейської медицини в одній окремо взятій країні.
Міжнародна співпраця: ОНМЕДУ та GIZ розвивають інтерактивні методики освіти.

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Відкриті лекції В.М. Запорожана
«Ноосферне мислення В.І.Вернадського».
«Еволюція моральності».
«Відкрите серце».
«Наукові відкриття: критерії добра і зла».
«Цінності людського життя».
«Роль врача в современном обществе».
«Доклад на заседании Ученого совета университета 01.09.2014 г.».
Достижения биомедицины: современные вызовы и биобезопасность.
Achievements of biomedicine: current challenges and biosafety.
Цінності людського життя.
Ендоскопічна хірургія: сучасні можливості та перспективи розвитку.
"Патент продано!" В.М. Запорожан.
Децентралізація в медицині: засіб чи панацея?.
Книга "Етюди про моральність. Нооетичний аспект".

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Наукові журнали.

Пам’ятка першокурсникам.
Морально-етичний кодекс.
Електронна бібліотека — студентам.
Розміщення кафедр університету.
Наші таланти.
Навчально-інноваційний центр практичної підготовки лікаря.
Органи студентського самоврядування ОНМедУ.
Перелік навчальних дисциплін.
Розклад занять.
Результати КРОК 2.
Правила прийому на військову підготовку за програмою офіцера запасу медичної служби.
План роботи Студентської Ради Одеського національного медичного університету на 2016/17 навчальний рік.
Положення самоврядування ОНМедУ.
Тези наукової студентської конференції 2017.
Програма студентської наукової конференції.
Оцінювання фізичної підготовленості студентів.
Графік видачі книг в бібліотеці студентам 1 - 2курсів.

Допомога абiтурiєнтам
Адреса і контактні телефони приймальної комісії.
Правила прийому в 2017 році.
Інформаційні таблиці-2017.
Обсяги держзамовлення.
Положення про Приймальну комісію у 2017 році.
Програми вступних випробувань.
Вартість навчання в 2017 році.
Розклад вступних іспитів.
Рішення Приймальної комісії.
Підготовчі курси.
Відеоматеріали про університет.
Положення про порядок видачі іноземним громадянам та особам без громадянства запрошень на навчання (стажування) в ОНМедУ та їх реєстраціі.
Положення про організацію набору на навчання (стажування) іноземних громадян та осіб без громадянства в ОНМедУ в 2017 році.
До уваги абітурієнтів!.
До уваги абітурієнтів та батьків!.