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Anatomage Table Virtual Dissection
The Anatomage Table is the most technologically advanced anatomy visualization system for anatomy education. It is a combination of unique hardware and software for the educational community. The form factor resembles an operating table or hospital bed and the real patient contents perfectly illustrate the anatomical realism of a living human. The Anatomage Table has an optional digital library module that includes over one hundred twenty pathological examples, allowing students to not only dissect normal gross anatomy, but also experience abnormal pathologies. Table includes also:
· An All-in-One, Touch-Interactive Display System
· True Human Anatomy in a Life-Size Scale
· ClassroomandLabIntegration
· Clean, Safe, ReusableTechnology
· RadiologicalImagingWorkstation
· Unique, RarePathologyExamples
· MedicalandSurgicalDeviceDemonstration
· ComparativeAnalysis - Multi-ScanViewing
· Dynamic, 4D Scans

Ophthalmology and Microsurgery procedures
Adjustable visual and tactile properties to recreate precise touch and feel experience; Lets surgeon tune the device to real life experience
MicrovisTouch™Simulatorallows you to perform the following procedures:
Corneal incision
Aneurysm Clipping
The Simbionix LAP Mentor is the only evidence based simulator for advanced laparoscopic skills and complete clinical procedures
The Gold Standard of Laparoscopic Training Solutions
Complete Clinical Procedures
Complex clinical scenarios with real time complications, such as bleeding and injuries to important organs, offer the user an opportunity to train in a risk-free educational environment.
Procedural Tasks
Each task focuses on one critical stage of the procedure to allow the trainee to master the essential skills of the Laparoscopic procedures.
Interactively-guided, procedural techniques enable learners to experience different approaches to the procedure and appropriate use of surgical instruments.
True-To-Life Training Environment
Created by the combination of a lifelike tactile experience, detailed anatomy, realistic imaging, commonly used surgical instruments, real time synchronization between hand-held tools to those on the screen and various trocar
Educational Content
Didactic features and educational aids such as 3D anatomical maps, interactive instructions and real life videos, help trainees to fully understand all aspects of the procedure.
Comprehensive Performance Evaluation
Detailed reports provide feedback to the learner and the educator in order to assess skill level and training success.
The reports include learning curve graphs with metrics categories such as: time and economy of movements, safety and electrosurgical dissection, procedural errors, and many more.
The Only Laparoscopic Simulator Proven to Improve Performance in the OR
The LAP Mentor’s proprietary technology enables high fidelity procedure simulation that is backed by over 60 clinical validations. Learners are able to experience a wide range of complex laparoscopic tasks and procedures in a safe environment

LapTrainer with SimuVision

The LapTrainer is a simulated laparoscope that - combined with your PC - creates unsurpassed graphics. SimuVisionTM technology integrated into our laparoscopic trainer creates an affordable and portable platform for product and surgical demonstrations or for teaching techniques and skill building tasks



  • Basic laparoscopic surgical skills and dexterity
  • Improveeye-handcoordination
  • Practicetransferring, dissectionandsuturing
Experience Hands-on Diagnostic and Operative Hysteroscopy
Simbionix and VirtaMed have joined forces to provide surgeons in OB/GYN the most advanced training system available for diagnostic and therapeutic hysteroscopy.
The VirtaMedHystSim™ hysteroscopy training system is a comprehensive educational solution. Quality didactic tutorials are used to introduce and explain “best practice” in core procedural techniques. This is followed by a high fidelity simulation providing a realistic hands-on experience that includes mastering instruments and managing complications. Multiple, complete hysteroscopy procedures are available to provide a range and depth of relevant pre-clinical experiences. Meaningful and useful objective feedback facilitates and completes the learning process to provide consistent, efficient and cost-effective results that are difficult to achieve using traditional teaching methodologies.
  • Highlyrealistichysteroscopytraining
  • Courses for beginners and experienced endoscopists
  • Original devices: hysteroscope, loop electrode, grasper, scissors, morcellator
After completing the diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy training on VirtaMedHystSim™, residents know how to take a proper biopsy, how to remove polyps with scissors or a grasper, and how to handle challenging cases, including, but not limited to, a fundal septum, multiple and intramural fibroids, and intensive bleeding
HAL® S3201 Advanced Tetherless Patient Simulator
Hal® 3201 sets a global standard for medical simulation. Tetherless technology allows the communications, compressor, and power supply to be inside HAL®, eliminating external tubes, wires, and compressors. HAL® operates continuously during transport and training can occur in the working environment. Rush HAL® from the accident scene to the ER, to the ICU, while care providers diagnose and treat his condition using real Уверенный курс в гавань профессионализмаmonitoring and resuscitation equipment. Control HAL® at distances up to 300 meters and between rooms and floors of conventional buildings. HAL® smoothly transitions between physiologic states in response to commands from a wireless PC
Gaumard® Scientific- The New NOELLE® S550.100 Birthing Mechanism
· Programmable airway: tongue edema, laryngospasm, and pharyngeal swelling
· Multiple upper airway sounds synchronized with breathing
· Right mainstem intubation
· Placement of conventional airway adjuncts
· Endotracheal intubation
· Retrograde intubation
· View vocal cords with Sellick maneuver
· Realistic surgical trachea allows tracheostomy or needle cricothyrotomy
· Control rate and depth of respiration and observe chest rise
· Select independent lung sounds: upper right front and back; upper left front an back; lower right front and back; lower left front and back
· Chest rise and lung sounds are synchronized with selectable breathing patterns
· CO2 on exhalation (4 levels) using replaceable cartridge mounted inside the simulator
· Attach to real mechanical ventilators
· ECGs are generated in real time with physiologic variations never repeating textbook patterns
· Heart sounds may be auscultated and are synchronized with ECG
· View dynamic rather than static 12 lead rhythms
·12 Lead ECG with integrated MI model
· Measure blood pressure by palpation or auscultation
· Use real BP cuff rather than a “virtual” cuff to measure blood pressure
·Korotkoff sounds audible between systolic and diastolic pressures
· Oxygen saturation detected using real monitors rather than a “virtual” value
· Pulse sites synchronized with BP and heart rate
· Bilateral IV arms with fill/drain sites
Drug Recognition System
Neural Responses
The New NOELLE – The world’s most advanced birthing simulator

NOELLE is perfect for competency based programs since each delivery can be precisely controlled while devices track student actions. The fetus may be manipulated to resolve a delivery dilemma. See instant feedback of force and torque on the fetus as well as its head position
· Realistic birth canal with dilating cervix
· Precision programmable fetal delivery system for repeatable teaching exercises including Normal Labor and Birth
Instrumented Delivery
Shoulder Dystocia
Breech Presentation
· Maternal Airway
Program tongue edema and pharyngeal swelling
Multiple upper airway sounds synchronized with breathing
Nasal or oral intubation
Sensors detect depth of intubation
Head tilt/ chin lift
Jaw thrust
Practice simulated suctioning techniques
Bag-Valve-Mask Ventilation
Conventional airway adjuncts
Endotracheal intubation using conventional ETTs
Sellick maneuver brings vocal cords into view
· Maternal Breathing
Automatic chest rise is synchronized with respiratory patterns
Independent left or right lung sounds synchronized with breathing
Ventilation may be assisted using BVM, ETT, or LMA
· Maternal Cardiac
ECGs are generated in real time with physiologic variations never repeating textbook patterns
Heart sounds may be auscultated and are synchronized with ECG
Optional automatic mode allows to show virtual dynamic ECG rhythms for each of the 12 leads
· Maternal Circulation
Measure blood pressure by palpation or auscultation
Use real BP cuff rather than a “virtual” cuff to measure blood pressure
Korotkoff sounds audible between systolic and diastolic pressures
Oxygen saturation detected using real monitors rather than a “virtual” value
Pulse sites synchronized with BP and heart rate
Bilateral IV arms with fill/drain sites
·Maternal Neural Responses
Programmable blinking, dilation and eye response to light
Programmable duration and intensity of convulsions
Maternal Speech
Treatment patient simulator / pediatric /
HAL® S3005

Airway Nasal Intubation
Oral Intubation
ET Tube Position Sensor
Tongue Edema
Cricothyrotomy / Tracheostomy
Airway Sounds
Breathing R/L Chest Rise
R/L Lung Sounds
Ventilation Sensor
Cardiac Heart Sounds
Defibrillation/ Cardioversion / Pacing
Compression Sensor
Circulation Bilateral IV arms
Blood Pressure (Left Arm)
Bilateral Pulses (Carotid, Brachial, Radial, Femoral, Radial)
Disable Radial Pulse
Central Cyanosis
Neurological Reactive Eyes
Other CPR evaluation
Intraosseous Access
Intramuscular Injection Sites
Urinary Catheterization
Gastric Distention
Bowel Sounds
Newborn HAL® S3010 Tetherless Newborn Simulator
Newborn HAL® allows you to take advanced simulation where you need to go and that can be at an accident scene, in an ER, in a Labor and Delivery room, or in a NICU. “Care in motion” also provides the opportunity for you to measure how well patient “hand-offs” take place. What is done well and what needs to be improved?

Treatment patient simulator Premie HAL® S3009
Treatment patient simulator / infant / whole body Premie HAL® S3009 Gaumard
Train to care for compromised newborns.
The device has an airway.

Synchronization: Selectable breathing patterns synchronizes chest rise and lung sounds.
Operation: Left and/or right chest wall movement and lung sound has to be selected.
Logging and Measurement: The device logs and measures the ventilation.
Controls Respiration: It controls respiration rate and depth and observes the chest rise.
Synchronized Breathing: Breathing is synchronized with multiple upper airway.
Tube: ET tube or LMA should be used.
Utility: It is utilized for oral and nasal intubation
Care patient simulator Super Chloe®
Medical students can study the human anatomy, do airway management, tracheotomy, perform CPR and try out a host of practical experiments with the help of this full body anatomy replica. The body parts are changeable and replaceable. The replica acts just like a body, it can bend at the waist, move the limbs, head and neck and even have lower dentures. The proper method of applying injections and infusions are taught with this replica. The interchangeable male organ enables to study the anatomical differences and functions. The software, lifelike skin adds to the realistic effect. Learning about Male and female catheterization is also possible with this replica

The TraumaMan® System is an anatomical surgical manikin that is designed for students to practice a variety of surgical procedures. The TraumaMan System was evaluated and approved by the American College of Surgeons in 2001 as an alternative to live non-human models or cadavers for ATLS, the leading Trauma Training Course. The system is now used to train over 30,000 medical professionals each year. Since its release, TraumaMan has also become widely used in military courses, EMS training, and other trauma surgery simulations.
  • Cricothyroidotomy
  • ChestTubeInsertion
  • Pericardiocentesis
  • NeedleDecompression
  • PercutaneousTracheostomy
  • DiagnosticPeritonealLavage
  • IV Cutdown
  • Suturing, Incisions

SonoMan System

The SonoMan System provides an affordable platform for teaching students how to read diagnostic ultrasound imaging.
The system includes a soft tissue body form with internal and external landmarks and a simulated probe. The torso has 258 unique probe locations providing a normal image for each window. The system's software platform allows users to expand SonoMan's capabilities with additional training modules
https://apf.mail.ru/cgi-bin/readmsg/14153448138643.jpg?id=14260858850000000014%3B0%3B2&x-email=vosintseva%40mail.ua&exif=1&bs=402677&bl=432689&ct=image%2Fjpeg&cn=14153448138643.jpg&cte=binary This ultrasound trainer provides an affordable platform for teaching students how to read obstetric ultrasound imaging

CentraLineMan System

CLM-41-3CentraLineMan is a Central Vascular Catheterization training solution that allows medical professionals to train using real-time ultrasound guidance during catheter placement

FLM-40-1FemoraLineMan System

FemoraLineMan is an ultrasound compatible task trainer that offers an effective training solution for central venous or arterial access using the femoral vein route
VascularAccessChild System
Simulab has leveraged its highly acclaimed vascular access trainers to meet the unique needs of pediatrics. This simulated five year old child includes three access sites, replaceable tissues, and ultrasound compatibility during catheter placement
  • InternalJugular
  • Subclavian
  • Femoral
  • VascularCatheterization
  • Using ultrasound guidance during catheter placement
  • Identification and palpation of anatomic landmarks significant to the procedure

Ultrasound Thoracentesis Model

The Thoracentesis Model's simulated lung can be seen as an echogenic structure with an inflation mechanism to adjust the size of the pleural effusion. The open top allows the instructor to provide feedback on procedural concepts by allowing students to visualize the catheter depth and placement when inserted into the pleural cavity. A positive fluid flow then offers users feedback when pleural effusions are accurately accessed. The trainer is designed to be filled with fluid and is self-sealing for multiple procedures


  • Removal of fluid or air from pleural cavity
  • Understandingofpleuraleffusions


  • Anatomicallycorrectwithproperlandmarks
  • Model base designed for multiple uses with replaceable tissue
  • Selfsealingformultipleprocedures
  • Only trainer available that responds to the Safe-T-Centesis™ Catheter Drainage Kit

Ultrasound Paracentesis Model

This ultrasound compatible model allows for procedural accuracy when performing the paracentesis - draining fluid from the peritoneal cavity in the abdomen. The anatomically correct model allows the procedure to be performed with or without ultrasound and on either of the recommended areas: the midline below the umbilicus or medial, 4 to 5 cm above the anterior superior iliac spine PAC-10-5


  • Allowsforproceduralaccuracy
  • Ultrasound compatible with replaceable tissue
  • Anatomy includes superficial epigastric vessels, partial liver and partial spleen, rectus abdominal muscles, and mesentery intestines
  • Anatomical landmarks include the pubis symphysis, iliac crest, and umbilicus
  • Allows up to one liter of intraperitoneal fluid removal
  • Replaceable tissue is durable and allows for repeated use
  • Palpable anatomy and realistic needle response

ARC-10-10Arthrocentesis Model

The Arthrocentesis Model is an anatomically correct task trainer that is perfect for performing arthrocentesis. The ultrasound compatible model represents an extended left leg and includes the patella, patella ligament, tibia, fibula, femur, synovial sac, and synovial fluid. Simulated synovial fluid can be removed from a joint cavity using either the medial or lateral approach and insertion sites include suprapatellar and parapatellar

Ultrasound imaging test phantom / breast S230.52 GaumardUltrasound imaging test phantom / breast

Left and right breasts attach to adult upper torso. The left breast permits ultrasound identification of cysts versus dense masses, while the right breast permits identification of cysts of different sizes and depths

• Visualize cysts and masses using REAL ultrasound equipment
• Learn to do ultrasound guided needle aspiration in a relaxed environment before moving onto actual patients
• Left breast contains six dense masses and three cysts randomly oriented
• Realistic texture and look
Lumbar Puncture / Epidural Trainer
This lumbar puncture simulator is an ultrasound compatible trainer that includes the lumbar vertebrae, iliac crest, spinous process, ligamentumflavum, the epidural space and dura. There are four different replaceable tissues evaluable for this trainer: Normal, Obese, Geriatric and Geriatric Obese
http://www.simulab.com/sites/default/files/imagecache/product_full/product_images/LPB-10-9.jpgThis pediatric lumbar puncture trainer simulates a two week old baby that can be positioned either lateral or decubitus. The body form is anatomically correct with a partial iliac crest and umbilicus. The replaceable tissue has L3 – L5 vertebrae with a partial sacrum and the gluteal crest. Each tissue includes a spinal cord filled with simulated CSF and the epidural venous plexus filled with simulated blood
Advanced Multipurpose Venous Training Arm
http://www.gaumardscientific.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/thumbnail/200x222/040ec09b1e35df139433887a97daa66f/4/0/401_100_th__44687.1411964558.1280.1280.jpgCombining all features required for IV, IM, and Sub-Q training in a challenging simulator
http://oslovet.norecopa.no/bilder/l/BOSS%20Starter%20Package%205986.jpgBOSS (Basic Open Surgical Skills)
Basic Open Surgical Skills (BOSS) is a flexible platform for basic surgical skill development. It provides an easy to use platform for synthetic or cadaveric task modules and its ergonomic design creates a realistic tool for improving skills
http://www.simulab.com/sites/default/files/imagecache/product_full/product_images/BOSS_10_4.jpgBOSS includes:
  • Tubing for knot tying under tension
  • Hookforknottying
  • Cylindrical cup for knot tying and suturing at depth
  • Tissuetensioningdevice
  • Open site with fixation system
The student tissue pack includes a variety of tissue models on which to practice basic surgical skills. Thetissuepackincludes:
  • Subcuticularsuturing model
  • Complextissuemodel
  • Simulatedlargeintestine
  • Tissuesuturepad
  • Injectabletissuepad
  • Basicandadvancedsuturingskills
  • Suturingon a skinsurface
  • Subcuticularsuturing
  • Deepwoundclosure
  • Administeringinjections
  • Bowelanastomosis
The laparotomy model simulates a partial abdomen and includes skin, subcutaneous fat, fascia, preperitoneal fat, and peritoneum. The base is water tight and can be filled with fluid. It also includes two alligator clips for securing internal tissue structures like a simulated intestine
  • Incisions and closure of the midline abdominal region
  • Bowelanastomosis
  • Surgery in the abdominal region
http://www.simulab.com/sites/default/files/imagecache/product/product_images/ETM-10-2_0.jpgThe Perineal Repair is a soft tissue model that includes skin, muscle, the rectal sphincter and rectal mucosa. It is ideal for training 1st through 4th degree perineal tears, including midline, mediolateral, and lateral incisions. This trainer has very realistic tissue properties for training 4th degree repair with a retractable sphincter and rectal mucosa. The replaceable tissue allows for multiple cuts and suturing

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Плани роботи рад, деканатів, громадських організацій на 2016/2017 навч. рік.
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Висновки про результати акредитаційної експертизи основної діяльності з підготовки бакалаврів за спеціальністю 6.030103 "Практична психологія" напряму 0301 "Соціальна-політичні науки".
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Перелік клінічних баз.
Університетська клініка.
Університетська клініка - навчальна база.
Прейскуранти на платні медичні послуги Університетської клініки.

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Спеціалізовані вчені ради.
Положення про Вчену Раду ОНМедУ.
Положення про службу вченого секретаря.
Студентське наукове товариство та Рада молодих вчених.
Корисна інформація для аспірантів
та наукових співробітників.

Перелік індексцитованих журналів зарубіжжя.
Перелік індексцитованих журналів України .
Наукавцям про імпакт-фактор та індекс Хірша.
Індекс Хірша науковців університету.
Науковий парк.
Рішення вченої ради.
Положення про Комісію по запобіганню антиплагіату.
Майбутні науковці.

Міжнародні відносини
Участь у сумісних із зарубіжними країнами наукових та науково- практичних проектах.
Зустріч у європейському парламенті та подальші міркування, щодо ролі лікарських товариств у розбудові європейської медицини в одній окремо взятій країні.
Міжнародна співпраця: ОНМЕДУ та GIZ розвивають інтерактивні методики освіти.

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Медичні факультети.
Стоматологічний факультет.
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Факультет післядипломної освіти.
Положення про кафедри та факультети.
Міжнародний факультет.

Відкриті лекції В.М. Запорожана
«Ноосферне мислення В.І.Вернадського».
«Еволюція моральності».
«Відкрите серце».
«Наукові відкриття: критерії добра і зла».
«Цінності людського життя».
«Роль врача в современном обществе».
«Доклад на заседании Ученого совета университета 01.09.2014 г.».
Достижения биомедицины: современные вызовы и биобезопасность.
Achievements of biomedicine: current challenges and biosafety.
Цінності людського життя.
Ендоскопічна хірургія: сучасні можливості та перспективи розвитку.
"Патент продано!" В.М. Запорожан.
Децентралізація в медицині: засіб чи панацея?.
Книга "Етюди про моральність. Нооетичний аспект".

Бібліотека університету
Положення про бібліотеку ОНМедУ.
Правила користування бібліотекою.
Про бібліотеку.
Електронний каталог.
Блог бібліотеки .
Інституціональний репозиторій ОНМедУ.
Контактна інформація.

Видавнича діяльність
Газета 'Пульс'.
Его величество Пациент.
Наукові журнали з правилами для авторів.
Як замовити, купити та оплатити медичну літературу.
Перелік книг, виданих видавничо-поліграфічним комплексом університету англійською та французською мовами.
Перелік книг, виданих видавничо-поліграфічним комплексом університету українською та російською мовами.
До відома завідувачів кафедр.
Наукові журнали.

Пам’ятка першокурсникам.
Морально-етичний кодекс.
Електронна бібліотека — студентам.
Розміщення кафедр університету.
Наші таланти.
Навчально-інноваційний центр практичної підготовки лікаря.
Органи студентського самоврядування ОНМедУ.
Перелік навчальних дисциплін.
Розклад занять.
Результати КРОК 2.
Правила прийому на військову підготовку за програмою офіцера запасу медичної служби.
План роботи Студентської Ради Одеського національного медичного університету на 2016/17 навчальний рік.
Положення самоврядування ОНМедУ.
Тези наукової студентської конференції 2017.
Програма студентської наукової конференції.
Оцінювання фізичної підготовленості студентів.
Графік видачі книг в бібліотеці студентам 1 - 2курсів.

Допомога абiтурiєнтам
Адреса і контактні телефони приймальної комісії.
Правила прийому в 2017 році.
Інформаційні таблиці-2017.
Обсяги держзамовлення.
Положення про Приймальну комісію у 2017 році.
Програми вступних випробувань.
Вартість навчання в 2017 році.
Розклад вступних іспитів.
Рішення Приймальної комісії.
Підготовчі курси.
Відеоматеріали про університет.
Положення про порядок видачі іноземним громадянам та особам без громадянства запрошень на навчання (стажування) в ОНМедУ та їх реєстраціі.
Положення про організацію набору на навчання (стажування) іноземних громадян та осіб без громадянства в ОНМедУ в 2017 році.
До уваги абітурієнтів!.
До уваги абітурієнтів та батьків!.